Why is It So Hard to Write a Thesis?

The average bachelor students or equivalent spend at least four years to graduate. 

How does it feel to be one of them?
Have you ever wondered what they experience to graduate? 
Specifically all of the efforts it needs to take? 

Oh, God, please forgive their sins.

Let me start with a question regarding the graduation. What do you do to graduate? What is the most difficult mission you need to tackle? Yes. T-H-E-S-I-S. Thesis it is.  
How do you do to write a thesis? First, you can start by choosing a topic. I can say this is one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. Because it might take a long time just to discuss with professor about possibilities ahead. As well as a pile of papers as references. The point is to finally make a research question which most probably will change depending on the answers or facts you will find later.

The next thing you can do is complete your research. I can suggest that it is better to spend more time in writing. Especially when an idea suddenly pops up on your mind. Ensure to always take your notes with you and write it as soon as possible in one or two paragraphs.  I bet, you probably go back and forth just to match the ones you had written and the ones you are going to state during the process. Again, this is so exhausting and indeed taking a lot of time, energy, and money. 
The last thing you do before finally defending your thesis is, finish your writing. At this part, you can take care of anything technically, for example the font size on each paragraph, the space, the figure labels and numbers, page numbering, the graphs, and so on.
See how long can it take to just write down a single thesis? It can even take one year! Not to mention how it can possibly get rejected by professors. Believe me; it will take even two years. To a deeper question that I 100% sure all of thesis writers always ask: why writing a thesis is so difficult? Because the university will not teach you, said Amos van Gelderen.. At least, as the language lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science, he mentioned two things.
ThesisFirstly, study programs simply do not teach their students how to write thesis. At your final year, you just have to write it as a compulsory. Secondly, the requirements for thesis often are found ambiguous and abstruse. Moreover, the criticism of quality which means more demanding requirements.
New semester or year will most likely bring new rules as requirements. For example, an at-least-100-page-thesis. Trying to cheat, students usually do these tricks, just like noted at how to cheat on a college essay. No wonder many students experience stress due to high pressure from the lecturer or professors, as well as the family who ask them to graduate very soon. Notably, if they start to compare between you and maybe your friends. A BIG NO.
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