University Life: Will It be Just Fun as High School is?

Hello You, Senior High Schools on your final year!

senior high school
This is almost the end of the year and I bet your parents already started nagging you to think and decide what university  you re going, what major you are going to take, or will you even consider to continue to study at university? Whatever you answer is, I am pretty sure you have ton of questions:   what university life will be like? Will it be just like home? Will it be just like your high school life? Will the lecturer be as scary or nice as at the school now? Will I have a super fun social life? You are not alone dear, everyone experience the same, just like you do.

One of the most obvious thing you may notice is the flexibility.  In this term, the class flexibility. In university life, you can choose the time of the class of the same subjects. You can do so because one subject usually have several classes, let’s  just say class A, B, C for Statistic Class. The difference is just the time. For this reason, you may choose one of it depending on your schedule.

That is why, your classes will not start from Monday to Friday, but it maybe just on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Perhaps you will have International Law class on Tuesday’s 10.00 am – 11.30 am and Politics on Tuesday’s 04.00 pm – 05.00 pm, while you have Japanese class on Thursdays 07.00 am – 09.00 am. Maybe you will have three classes on Thursday but you only have one class on Friday. Comparing to high school life, that is definitely impossible to do. You have to attend the classes in the exact time just like on your schedule you were probably told from school.

Begin exactly at 07.00 am and end at 03.00 pm. At some universities, you even are allowed to take classes that are not on your major, just for the sake of curiosity. Therefore, in university life, you have lots of opportunities to explore your interests and passions. In freshman and sophomore year, you will most probably take more general classes (a mixture of everything) and some classes in your major. While in junior and senior year, you will take more classes in your major. What is the cooler thing in university life is: you can even eat or drink during the classes! (Oh well, it depends on the lecturer though, but mostly the lecturers do not bother). 
senior high schoolDon’t mention the club thingy things. There are hundreds of choices of what kind of clubs you are going to join. From sports to arts, from literature to freaky alien. You even can choose more than one. The main idea here is to network as wide as possible with many friends. Plus, the events your major or faculty are going to hold. You will be one of the main think tank and it is completely up to you how you will create the events. I am pretty sure you will have a busy yet awesome university life!

Take aside the dreamy beautiful sides of university, there are many sides you might choose to just stay at high school. One of them is: you have to fully responsible of the things you do, especially the things you write. Yes, paper, essay, reports, or even thesis. You are no longer allowed to just innocently copy and paste all of the data written you take from that mainstream Wikipedia, just like you might always do during the high school.

Brain and its all mighty skills such as analytical skill are needed to use to process the facts and produce outputs by you. To be underlined, you need to make sure that you note all of the sources you use to create those reports. The prime idea you are required to do is to write originally. Unless, it is called as plagiarism and it comes with great responsibility as well. Just as written at Prescottpaper site about How to Beat Turnitin in 2016, there is website and tool to detect it. So, it is quite not possible to get away from it.

Either way, there are lots of worth thing you might experience and explore during your university life that you will not regret to. Good luck on choosing one!

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