10 Solusi Challenges MTG Duels of Planeswalkers 2013

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Guide ini dibuat jika Anda sudah sampai Campaign bagian akhir yaitu pada bagian Challenges.. Pada bagian Challenges ini sebenarnya tidak terlalu sulit asalkan tahu strateginya.. Semoga tutorial dan video yang ada pada artikel ini bisa membantu teman-teman menyelesaikan Magic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. Bagi Teman-teman yang murni ingin memainkan game ini dan ingin lompat langsung pada tantangan challenges pada MTG Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 dapat menggunakan save penulis.. Silakan download dan paste pada windows 7 Anda.
Tempat save MTG Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 
yaitu berada pada folder

Windows(C:) > Users > ASUSA43Sj > AppData > Local > SKIDROW > 97330 > Storage

silakan download dulu file storage.zip , lalu extraks ..

Link download
Ziddu: http://tny.cz/31c6c0d3
password Storage.zip: masarkanda.com

Ada dua file didalam folder zip tersebut yaitu 1281565980.profile dan hash.file.. lalu copas dua file tersebut kedalam  file folder Storage MTG 2013 Anda. Ganti ASUSA43Sj (ini adalah nama komputer penulis). Sesuaikan dengan nama komputer Anda. Semoga Artikel ini membantu..

Catatan: Penulis menyarankan untuk menggunakan Stop Timer, supaya Anda dapat menerapkan strategi dibawah ini dengan tepat. Akan lebih mudah jika Anda download sendiri file video youtube ini. Lalu Anda pelajari dengan santai melalui Window Player Anda.. Bagi Anda yang bingung Anda bisa bertanya..

Artikel terkait:
Jika Anda belum memiliki Game MTG 2013 ini bisa download di : link ini
Solusi bypass MTG 2013 : Link Here

Ada 10 Challenges yang ada pada MTG 2013 ini yaitu :
A. Reverse the Assault
1.    Block the Deadly Recluse with the Dragon Hatchling
2.    Block the Sentinel Spider with the Goblin Piker (leaves you with 1 health)
3.    Your turn
4.    Cast Act of Treason on the Sentinel Spider (removes all possible blockers)
5.    Move to Combat phase
6.    Attack with both creatures
7.    After combat is over, cast Fling on Sentinel Spider (win)

B. Exalted Army
1.    Play Pacifism on Rune-Scarred Demon
2.    Play Pacifism on the white Serra Angel (it actually doesn’t matter which two you play Pacifism  on)
3.    Play Seize the Initiative on Skyhunter Skirmisher (total of 14 damage means he can’t block enough)
4.    Move to Combat phase
5.    Attack with all creatures (win)

C. Drake Expectations
1.    Play Sage Owl
2.    Select cards in this order: Blaze, Furnace of Rath, Mountain, Time Warp
3.    Play Time Warp and select yourself
4.    End your turn
5.    Play Time Warp and select yourself
6.    Immediately copy the spell with Reverberate (maximum additional turns)
7.    Again select yourself (this may seem obvious but some challenges get pretty crazy with this kind of stuff)
8.    Play Mountain
9.    Play both Talrand’s Invocations (gets the drakes out so they won’t have summoning sickness next turn)
10.    End your turn
11.    Play Furnace of Rath (double damage for everything)
12.    Play Rupture and select the newly summoned Drake token (this one can’t attack, you’ll need everyone else, so sacrifice this one)
13.    Move to Combat phase
14.    Attack with everyone (win)

D. Stolen Goods
1.    Play the Plains
2.    Equip Lightning Greaves to Leatherback Baloth (necessary for following steps)
3.    Equip Ring of Kalonia to Garruk’s Packleader (necessary to do damage after being blocked)
4.    Equip Lightning Greaves back on Garruk’s Packleader (prevents Pit Trap)
5.    Move to Combat phase
6.    Attack with Garruk’s Packleader (Cudgel Troll will block)
7.    Once blocked (before combat damage is dealt), play Divine Verdict on Cudgel Troll (win — the 4 damage goes through due to trample, where-as without Trample the creature would still be considered blocked, and no damage would go through)

E. Obliterate This!
1.    Cast Cloudshift on War Priest of Thune (removes arrest, frees up other creature)
2.    Select the Arrest attached to Flayer of the Hatebound
3.    Move to Combat phase
4.    Attack with Flayer of the Hatebound
5.    After he blocks  (before combat damage is dealt), cast Seize the Initiative on Flayer of the Hatebound (destroys enemy, forces sacrifice)
6.    Immediately (before combat damage is dealt) cast Undying Evil on Oxidda Scrapmelter (takes advantage of Flayer of the Hatebound)
7.    Choose to sacrifice Rage Nimbus, Oxidda Scrapmelter, Flayer of the Hatebound, and two Swamps.
8.    Select Liliana for Flayer of the Hatebound‘s ability
9.    When Oxidda Scrapmelter comes back into play, select the Lumengrid Gargoyle to destroy it (remove other blocker)
10.    Select Liliana for Flayer of the Hatebound‘s ability the second time
11.    End your turn
12.    Liliana ends her turn
13.    Move to Combat phase
14.    Attack with all creatures (win)

G. Desperate Measures
1.    Play Phyrexian Processor
2.    Sacrifice 7 life (this sets you up to destroy the enemy creatures without destroying Death’s Shadow)
3.    Play Earthquake
4.    Use 4 mana, leave one Plains (destroys the enemy’s green creatures)
5.    Cast Faith’s Shield
6.    Pick which ever creature you want (it doesn’t matter since they’ll both be protected)
7.    Choose blue (allows you attack unhindered)
8.    Move to Combat phase
9.    Attack with both creatures (win)

H. Sculpting the Perfect Warrior
1.    Play Sculpting Steel
2.    Select Batterskull (spawns the second germ)
3.    Draw a card
4.    Equip the unequipped Batterskull to the Germ with Mortarpod attached to it (gives it lifelink)
5.    Sacrifice that same Germ (via Mortarpod‘s ability) and deal 1 damage to the Porcelain Legionnaire
6.    Attach Mortarpod to the other Germ (the one which already has Batterskull equipped to it)
7.    Repeat step 5 with this germ (destroys the opposing creature)
8.    Play Phyrexian Metamorph as a copy of Puresteel Paladin
9.    Equip all available equipment except Mortarpod to the new Puresteel Paladin.
10.    Play Darksteel Axe
11.    Draw two cards
12.    Play Sword of Feast and Famine
13.    Draw two cards
14.    Equip the two new equipment to the new Puresteel Paladin
15.    Move to Combat phase
16.    Attack with Puresteel Paladin (deal 17 damage, untap all lands)
17.    Play the Island
18.    Play Repulse on the arrested Puresteel Paladin (removes Arrest)
19.    Play the Puresteel Paladin back to the field
20.    Return the Sculpted Steel Batterskull back to your hand, it’s noted by a two-card symbol on the card
21.    Play Sculpting Steel as Mortarpod (spawn a Germ)
22.    Draw two cards
23.    Equip each Mortarpod to each Puresteel Paladin, and leave one attached to the Germ
24.    Sacrifice all three creatures with Odric as the target (win)

I. Replica’s Revolt
1.    Play Rite of Replication with the kicker on Archaeomancer (retrieve additional cards)
2.    Pick EACH Rite of Replication (note: you cannot pick the same one three times), and two other cards (it doesn’t matter which)
3.    Play a Rite of Replication with the kicker on a Forest (to pay for Ursapine)
4.    Play another Rite of Replication on Ursapine
5.    Play the last Rite of Replication on Acidic Slime (to destroy Nature’s Revolt)
6.    Destroy Nature’s Revolt
7.    Use Ursapine‘s ability on your Archaenomancer without summoning sickness five times.
8.    Move to Combat phase
9.    Attack with Archaenomancer (win)

J. Goblin Raiding
1.    Play Goblin Ringleader
2.    Activate Temple Bell‘s ability (these two moves get you Chandra’s Fury)
3.    Move to Combat phase
4.    Attack with all creatures
5.    Wait for the enemy to assign blockers
6.    Before combat damage is dealt, play Chandra’s Fury and target yourself (the enemies have Lifelink, if you don’t kill the enemies they block you’ll lose; this kills Goblin Artificer)
7.    Choose a blocked Goblin Raider to deal 1 damage to (because Goblin Artificer died)
8.    Immediately after (before combat damage is dealt), play Gut Shot, target the other blocked Goblin Raider (win)

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